National Issues

RONA believes that several national issues are of great importance at this time and has begun efforts to reach out to important players to explore how we can enhance recycling's voice. Two related topics seem to be at the top of the list.

  • Despite an emphasis on "Green Jobs" in much of the economic stimulus funding, recycling has been conspicuous by its absence.  Though it is often recognized as one of the most noteworthy "Green Jobs" generators, it is not currently officially recognized as such in these funding strategies.
  • Similarly, the significance of recycling in reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been seriously understated in many circles and many legislative proposals hardly mention recycling's role in reducing GHG.

While a number of other issues are notable, these two especially speak to the absence of a national recycling voice.  RONA hopes to build partnerships with other national organizations and work with the stae associations in the hopes of rebuilding that national voice.


Responding to the groundswell of student interest, RONA-U is also firing-up its advocacy role on two related fronts.

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