RONA Open Forum


The Recycling Organizations of North America (RONA) held its first Open Forum public meeting and networking reception on Sunday, October 18 at the GRRN National Recycling & Zero Waste Conference in Devens, MA. More than sixty people attended the forum.

The forum was to be an opportunity for attendees to get updated on the latest developments with national recycling organizations, to express comments on what has happened over the past year, and to give input on directions and services needed for a new national recycling organizations.  

RONA organizational committee members explained that RONA would be an organization of organizations that will include:

  • State, provincial, tribal or regional recycling organizations
  • Other professional or non-profit organizations or associations with interests in recycling
  • Councils or other coalitions of individuals or groups focusing on specific recycling issues
  • Government and quasi-government agencies

RONA intends to contribute whether NRC is able to survive or not.  If NRC survives, RONA will partner with a re-invented NRC in whatever ways seem appropriate.  If NRC does not survive, RONA hopes to provide services that are needed for a new national voice for recycling. With that in mind, the following priorities and needs were discussed.

Recycling Industry Needs

  • A unified voice that represents the industry and the rest of the recycling community based on inclusiveness and diversity
  • A clear vision of, and advocacy for recycling as a mainstream industry that builds a more sustainable economy
  • Building partnerships and coalitions among various constituencies
  • Support and advocacy for important 21st Century initiatives
    • Zero Waste
    • Product Stewardship
    • Criteria for product and industry green standards
  • Sharing of success stories and best practices to improve efficiencies and enhance marketablity
  • Place for grassroots organizers to network and learn from one another

Recycling Organization Needs

  • Shared public domain educational and technical resources
  • Organizational support for
    • Fundraising
    • Membership Development
    • Advocacy
    • Communication
    • Governance
  • Clearinghouse of national data for research and information
  • Establishment of standards for training and professional development


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