Member Services


Summary of Proposed Member Services (January 2010)

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Member Services (Year One Priorities)

1. Annual Conference - RONA intends to affiliate with another organization to hold a national conference in the Fall 2010.

2. Advocacy - The organization facilitate and assist coalitions, committees or councils with affiliated and like-minded organizations to influence policy makers at both the local and national level. RONA member organizations will remain autonomous associations to determine their own particular advocacy positions while RONA hopes to provide a national voice to advocate for the big-picture issues on which all members can agree.

3. Magazines - Member discounts and free subscriptions to major recycling and composting trade journals.

4. Bi Monthly News Letter to Executive Directors and organizational leaders covering organizational, board and staff development assistance such as:

  • Membership recruitment and retention
  • Conference organizing
  • Effective training
  • Event planning and contracting
  • Fundraising
  • Publication production
  • Website development and upkeep
  • Electronic communications
  • Other related organizational issues

5. Provide other tools for recycling organization executives on:

  • Board management and development
  • Nonprofit management
  • Provide speakers bureau for conferences and training

6. Job Board - Promote job openings, and people looking for jobs in recycling, composting and other sustainable development employment opportunities.

7. Collegiate Recycling Council Support - Initiaitives like RecycleMania and professional training for collegiate recycling professionals will be facilitated or supported.

8. Recycling Business Council - A council for recycling businesses and others undertaking sustainble business practices will facilitate the sharing of resources, expertise and industry trends such as quality needs and new innovative technologies.

9. Listservs - RONA will organize interactive listservs for members to join by categories of interest as well as an announcement listserv to send to all members of affiliated organizations for promoting their events.

10. Free web hosting on wind powered servers for all RONA members compliments of The Mobius Network, LLC.

Other Proposed Services (Year Two and Beyond):

1. Training Coordination - Strive to develop consistent and transferable training and certification programs around the country, for ROs, colleges and universities to offer to each other.  Similar to speakers bureau, those that have proven track record will share best practices and tips in getting organized, share resources, and maybe coordinate joint certifications.

2. Newsletter - electronic version supported by ads to all members.

3. Support for Greening of Events and Venues - How to Kit, training and coop to buy in bulk containers and promotional materials needed for greening events and venues.

4. Renew Buy Recycled Alliance to support buying and using recycled and environmentally preferable products, and creating markets for our recovered materials.

5. Insurance Services - E&O insurance for consultants; health insurance for nonprofits and small businesses.

6. Toolkits for Target Audiences

  • “Small Business Tool-Kit” including success stories from all over the country, training sessions, manuals, contacts of like businesses in other areas, franchise opportunities, financing options and much more, to help small reuse, recycling and composting businesses grow.
  • “Climate Change Planning Tool Kit” including how to make sure recycling is included in local Climate Inventories and Climate Action Plans, how to use the WARM model, and what values to change in the WARM model to address local conditions and change national defaults to reflect consumption model[1] of GHG instead of sector model.

7. Grants Assistance